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The Maverick 88 shotgun is a pump action shotgun based on the Popular Mossberg 500 shotgun but geared towards the cost concious consumer. The Maverick 88 shotgun is a cheaper alternative to the Mossberg 500 shotgun.

The reduced cost of the Maverick 88 shotgun is achieved because the Maverick 88 shotgun parts are made in Mexico and then assembled in the USA (Texas). This significatly reduces production cost hence the cheaper shotgun.

The Maverick 88 shotgun shares pretty much the same design as the Mossberg 500 and as such can use most of the aftermarket accessories made for the Mossberg 500 shotgun.

Maverick 88's are factory finished with steel bluing only, whereas Mossberg 500's have factory blued, stainless steel or parkerized (receiver/barrel/magazine) options.

There are two basic models of the Maverick 88 shotgun, the 88 field and the 88 security. The 88 field comes with a longer 28" vent-rib barrel, whereas the security comes with an 18-1/2" (6 round capacity) or 20" (8 round capacity) non-vent-rib barrel. The 88's have a cartridge capacity of 6 or 8 shots and cannot have their magazines easily extended without machining. The Maverick 88 shotgun come standard with a polymer stock and forend.

This site was created as a resource site for the thousands of owners and prospective owners of the Maverick 88 shotgun. On here you will find detailed pictures of the Maverick 88 shotgun fitted with accessories and below each picture you will see a description of the items in the picture.

You will also find videos here of the Maverick 88 shotgun some will be video reviews by different users and some will be shooting or instructional videos of the Maverick 88 shotgun. We hope that information or products found on this site will help to enhance your shooting experience with the Maverick 88 shotgun. Enjoy !